Being a learnoholic, taking up new things is what comes naturally to me. It’s exhausting for my family; I can speak Mandarin, read some Mandarin, play 5 musical instruments, code, teach, write, take good photographs… the list is stupidly long. In 2018 I promised my patient wife I would not take up anything new this year and instead focus on development… But she never said I couldn’t learn a new language for coding with! Looooophooooole?!?

My day-to-day work goes like this: Develop a feature, refactor code, build an app, fix a bug and write some tests. Awesome! I love it! This is all the good stuff I love to do and it’s in Objective-C and Swift; my absolute bread and butter for development.

So why have I taken the decision to learn Kotlin in my spare time? Well I’ve noticed recently that things have become more and more high level. I have a React Native background and am really comfortable with ES6 and Javascript in general. However I much prefer working inside of native languages because I can fully control the APIs and my learning investment always pays off in the long run (in my personal opinion). Also I plane just love iOS and developing in Swift is simply amazing.

However, all around me there is a lot of different development that goes on and I recently found myself looking at a lot of Android code and how the IDE has progressed since I last used it a few years back when working in React Native. I’ve been blown away by Android Studio and the way layouts work in particular, and so found myself looking at some Kotlin on a Ray Wenderlich page. The way it was setup was to show you just how much like Swift Kotlin is and how the languages kind of evolved together.

Besides being totally addicted to learning anyway, I don’t need much of an excuse to take up a new framework or language, but most of my focus has been solely on iOS for the past year or so (even in my free time).

I’ve always been interested in working with Android stuff, even for fun, but Java just put me off. Now Kotlin has come along and is in high demand. With developers all around me who can help me any trickier aspects of working with Android I can’t help but at least be familiar with it so… I’m going to be looking into Kotlin for the next while as well.

My long-term vision is to be a very strong iOS developer but also strong in Mobile in general. Let the fun continue! See you on the live stream on Monday!