Alright! My name is Laurie Gray and I am an iOS developer, Video Instructor Team Member & Udemy instructor based in Scotland, UK.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of spending most of my 20s and early 30s doing what I do best; learning. I’m a ‘learnoholic’ for sure! As a result of this, I’ve worked in loads of different industries such as music, photography, graphic design, web development and app development. I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with learning and my hobbies might surprise you; I can play 5 musical instruments, I can speak pretty decent Mandarin and Hebrew and, boy can I cook a mean tomato sauce with pesto.

Most people who know me will probably admit that I’m a positive force to be reckoned with in that I simply love what I do and pass that on. When I say ‘love’ I mean I could literally sit and learn all day, everyday. This is why I got into programming; it was the only career that could match my thirst for constant intake and self-development, not to mention creativity and productivity.

Originally I studied Music at University, but a mild injury meant a career change would have to happen sooner or later. After graduating from there I studied teaching and education and worked in schools for a time before leaving to start my own company. After quite a few years I finally found programming and spent many, many hours studying it in my free time. With a family and being the sole-provider of income, I managed to successfully transition into a career in development as an iOS developer.

The problem with getting into development, especially app development (and super-especially iOS development) is that you just can’t do it with a few videos. You can make some great apps with courses and you can learn enough to get by, but to work day-in and day-out as an iOS developer you need to reach a certain point in your skillset that requires you to get a good mentor. I felt that although many bootcamps did offer good courses, they often lacked the kind of personality that would inspire you every day to reach your best before finally starting your dream career.

This is why I started Code Disciple. I wanted to show people that programmers do not code like machines! No, they think, they pause, they scrap ideas and start again, they get help from others, they learn at home and then they come into work and try all over again. The human side of programming seemed to be missing for me when I was learning and that is because I did most of it in seclusion. Now that I work in an enterprise environment, I also feel that there can be a desire to not show vulnerability or weakness in your skillset and it is my hope that by talking about things such as how hard some stuff is to understand and how much there is to learn, that others will come forward and feel a sense of relief that this is normal!

Code Disciple is a place where I talk about what I’m learning because this is one of the best ways to learn yourself; to teach others and to talk about the topic. Also it is a place to help others on their journey regardless of where they are on it.

Let’s learn, code and develop together!

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