Once again I am on the moving office (train) and just wanted to post some of my progress with composing Functional Swift. The idea is simple here: call closures within closures using composition and currying. I am simply making practice sessions more complex by adding layers on top of layers. I feel more comfortable with the concept now and am on chapter 3 of Functional Swift by Objc.io.


// Composing some functional stuff - adding layers in and using currying

typealias StringChange = (String) -> String

func arrange(repeats: Int, _ closure: @escaping StringChange) -> StringChange {
    return { str in
        let affectedString = "Affected + \(str)"
        let closureResult = closure(affectedString)
        return closureResult

let closureExample = { (str: String) in
    return "Messed up ||\(str)||"

func arrange2(_ closure: @escaping StringChange) -> StringChange {
    return { str in

let arrangedSTUFF = arrange(repeats: 2, closureExample)("Edit me")
let arrangedSTUFF2 = arrange2(closureExample)(arrangedSTUFF)

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